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I only took up running to stay fit. It was back in 2014. Who knew at the time, that those first painful steps would one day turn into a lifestyle and help me see my true self. Although I’ve always been into athletics and used to be a sprinter in school days, the adult life caught up and with my fellowship at PGIMER taking up most of time, I struggled with my fitness.

I came to know about a running group in the city and soon found myself running with other running enthusiasts in the city of Chandigarh. I had heard people talk about “Runner’s High” and got to experience it during my first half-marathon at Buddh International Formula 1 Circuit. I was hooked. I continued my long weekend runs and understood the technicalities. I understood distance running as a sport and felt strong. After running some regional half and full marathons, I decided it was time to graduate to the Ultra distances i.e distances greater than full marathons (42.2 kms).

It was challenging at first. I quickly found out during my longer training runs that running an ultra distance would mean training the brain first as running for 12 hours and 24 hours is equally taxing on the mind as it is on the body. But I was determined.
I ran my first ultra, Salomon Bhatti Lakes Ultra and came in first. That was it. I realized this was my calling.

Nearly three years have passed since that win. After several wins, podiums and course records, I’m ready to start the next leg of this journey: representing India in the world of Ultra Running.

I’m Dr. Amit Kumar and I’m an Ultra Runner.


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